N. Springfield Rd and N. Sycamore
Clifton Heights, PA 19018

Special Announcement

Clifton Heights Boys Club Wiffle Ball Tournament

August 27th @ 9AM 5

People per team: $100 per team (Due (08/20/2022)

Must have a team name


  • 4 Fielders at a time Med Pitch –
  • No overpowering the batter
  • The chair is the strike zone (Any part except the legs)
  • Each pitcher can only pitch three outs a game after 3 outs pitchers must change


  • Foul with 2 strikes is an out
  • A ball fielded clean before passing the double line is an out
  • For a home run to be caught you must jump before the home run line for it to be an out


5 Innings

6 runs per inning (no cap in the last inning)

If a team is up 15 after three innings, they win

Check in is 8:30am Must have at least 4 players by 9:15am. If your 5th player is not here by their turn to pitch, it’s a forfeit. If they are not here by their turn to bat it’s automatic out.